Poiana Brasov sky resort, a place for romanian TV-s stuff (stars) to relax.

Other familiar places are Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress, Poiana Marului, the monasteries from Sinca, Predeal sky areal, Sinaia Castle s.o.

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Bran Castle

Placed in the areal, 20km from each other and from PC (Piatra Craiului) mountain, this two mountain small cities are growing by each year; everybody heard about Dracula Castle from medieval times (Dracula or Vlad Tepes was a ferocious ruler which punish the thiefs and enemies of the country by sticking them alive; it was said that, while he ruled, nobody steals the golden goblet left near the fountain in the middle of nowhere); there are many fortresses left by this ruler in Romania. Rasnov Fortress is a XIV century peasant fortress (summertime rock concerts takes places there, small rock bands, not famous)

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