Region Bran-Rasnov

Rasnov fortified peasant fortress was the first peasant citadel built to defend the local romanian people against the invaders. Inside the fortress was a church with an altar too, though this side was not renovated; they rebuilt part of it, mainly the outside walls and some rooms inside it. Summer time is a place of promenade for both people and 2 bears; do not worry, they do not even attack the cats.

20 km away lies the Bran Castle, which was a king residence all the time; also Vlad Tepes lived here for a short period.It is fully rebuilt inside and outside. The place gathers many fest, like 30-31 october "Halloween", when you are allowed to wear any suit. Crowd mentality is a strong point among people, lucky those which doesn't understand romanian!


Poiana Brasov

A very crowded resort all the time of the year; call it the perfect place to socialize, team buildings, all kinds of easy sports for general public; has all comfort which money can buy and all facilities. 9km down the other way lies the big city Brasov. Families with kids use this as the best vacation place, it has only easy paths into forests, no stones. It is a great place for running competition too, though nobody organized any marathon there till now.