Summer tours

Wilderness is one great feature of this steepy mountain group; though we might say some years ago, forests covered that entirely, and now only few spots are left, what is beautifull is still beautifull even when is not rich in attires! One can sense the nature crying for its green coat,the stones eroding more and becoming smaller;yes it is damaging little by little; it is king losing its own crown, first of forest, then its own skin of stone. The translation of this mountain group name means "the stone of the prince". The greed of the frustrates turned this big corner of paradise into a smaller we have to assist "powerless?"
Still, you, lovers of nature, we wanna say that here is still much to be preserved, we invite you to visit and be amazed by our great Crai (unmarried prince) and list it under the world patrimony treasures untill it is not too late! This "advanced society?", leaves its most odious crimes unpunished! Or snaching its own lungs from the chest is not a crime?

So..let's start the trip - follow the forest path for 2-3 hours, then another 1-2 h stone path to the ridge - from here choose your side: west, north or south or all of them for the trained ones; summer climbing is not difficult for those which are not beginners, but can be a bit tiring!

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Winter tours

We know that Crai is proud of its white mantle; we can feel the happiness he shares with us up there on its ridges; happy and quite, asking the sun to leave its white coat longer, as if this dignifies him among the other nature guardians. The paths to the ridge are sometimes accessible, from there towards the whole ridge is tricky - some try with special equipment, though the small 20cm path can be seen nowhere, and you can walk over the precipice being just lucky that snow is holding; that is a 15% luck, so do not try unless you are also prepared to come back from the precipice too!

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